All Spartan Showdown challenges, rewards, and store items in

Spartans, put together yourselves for your greatest obstacle but: the Spartan Showdown event in Drop Men. The event begins on June 30 and operates until finally July 5, giving players the prospect to acquire a collection of Halo-themed cosmetics.

The main attract of the occasion is the Spartan Showdown playlist/clearly show, which will characteristic equally race and survival rounds, plus lots of Blast Ball. Gamers will also will need to be on the lookout for collectible dropped helmets positioned close to many spherical levels.

Spartan Showdown worries in Tumble Guys

The Spartan Showdown playlist will come with a selection of troubles that will reward 100 XP for every concluded obstacle. Fifty percent of the difficulties include standard competitors in many rounds, though the other troubles involve you to acquire dropped helmets throughout 5 distinct amounts.

Here’s the noted whole checklist of troubles, each and every rewarding 100 XP.

  • Perform Spartan Showdown
  • Qualify from Any Spherical in Spartan Showdown
  • Toss Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown
  • Get knocked down by Blast Balls in Spartan Showdown
  • Access the Ultimate Round in Spartan Showdown
  • Acquire the Misplaced Helmet in Dizzy Heights in Spartan Showdown
  • Accumulate the Lost Helmet in Tip Toe in Spartan Showdown
  • Acquire the Misplaced Helmet in Gate Crash in Spartan Showdown
  • Collect the Lost Helmet in Major Pictures in Spartan Showdown
  • Obtain the Dropped Helmet in Slender Ice in Spartan Showdown

Spartan Showdown benefits in Drop Men

Gamers who access XP milestones by finishing Spartan Showdown problems will unlock the pursuing benefits:

  • “Spartan at Heart” nickname (100 XP)
  • 200 Kudos (200 XP)
  • “SPARTAN” nameplate (500 XP)
  • “AI Construct” sample (700 XP)
  • “Purrfect Helmet” upper costume (1,000 XP)

Spartan Showdown retailer items in Fall Fellas

In addition to the objects out there as a result of the Spartan Showdown troubles, Slide Fellas players can get added cosmetics via the shop with Show-Bucks:

  • “Grunt Panic” emote (400 Exhibit-Bucks)
  • Brute Chieftain costume (800 Clearly show-Bucks)
  • Grasp Main costume (1,200 Show-Bucks)
  • Grunt costume (800 Show-Bucks)

In addition, you can invest in all four of these items via a Spartan Bundle that fees 2,400 Show-Bucks. Obtaining the bundle would preserve you 800 Display-Bucks in comparison to getting each product individually.

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